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Manufacturing quality products including Heat Treatment Tank, Eco Friendly Napkin Incinerator, Industrial Plastic Crate, etc.

About Us

The value of a company in the market can be measured by the sort of goods and services it offers and, most specifically, how well it delivers it to clients. In the same way, the primary motive of our company, Jai Bhadra Fabrication Works has always been focused on providing the best goods to the clients. Our wide range which includes Heavy Duty Trolley Wheel, Industrial Plastic Crate, Degreasing Tank Electroplating Tank, Eco Friendly Napkin Incinerator, Material Storage Trolley, etc., has always been preferred by many industries. This is because of their premium quality and genuine pricing. More importantly, our outstanding business approach to deliver them to the clients has also been unique, just like our goods.

Marketing Strategies

The primary purpose of almost every business is to obtain customer acceptance and satisfaction with their products/services. However, a strong marketing plan is required in order to accomplish the aforementioned. We have also developed a well-defined system of marketing techniques in our company that lets our business progress ahead in the market. The following are some of the key factors of our marketing strategies:
  • We analyze the specifications of the market in precise detail and accordingly present our goods to the clients. 
  • We communicate with our clients and elaborately understand their preferences. 
  • We frequently adapt to latest market trends to consecutively upgrade our goods. 
  • We build close professional relations with all our clients for potential growth prospects.

Customer Satisfaction

Making customers happy with goods and services is the primary objective of any business to become successful. Yet they must be distinct from the others to achieve this. We also give our customers the highest priority in our company, Jai Bhadra Fabrication Works and guarantee their utmost satisfaction by providing them the best possible solutions from our end. The wide variety of products which we offer to them includes Degreasing Tank Electroplating Tank, Material Storage Trolley, Heavy Duty Caster Wheel, Eco Friendly Napkin Incinerator, Industrial Plastic Crate, etc. We also ensure that clients are pleased with our way of communicating with them, in addition to our high quality products. This helps us maintain close business links with them in potential business opportunities.
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